dianebogino20120806 068-Edit3web400x400This book isn’t just another sad tale of someone's misfortunes...

Could you survive being taken away from your parents, being sexually abused, living in foster homes with strangers who were supposed to care for you but didn't, your father being killed and your mother being sent to prison for it?  Diane survived all this and more. Not only did she survive, but she learned how to overcome victim thinking that leads to repeating victimization. And now she shares her message with you so you can live the life you so richly deserve. Are you a survivor?

This book isn’t just another sad tale of someone’s misfortunes. This book shows you how someone overcame those misfortunes and then goes a step, well 11 steps to be exact, further to help you do the same. Finding Your Bootstraps find-boot-80X120tells you the story of how someone found theirs and how you can find the courage, conviction and assertiveness to grab your own bootstraps and pull yourself up to the life you so richly deserve. You can purchase “Boots” by going to: a.com logo thor on Kindle kindle-logo-boots

The Purpose of "Boots"

  • To help you discover your true self and to love who you are 
  • To help you obtain more self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To help give you the courage to work through life's past and current challenges

Embrace Who You Are

Many of us deny, ignore, or just plain don'trealize all of our skills, attributes and talents. Maybe you've always had negative feedback. Let me assure you that you have just as much worth as anyone. Boots and this website can help you uncover every facet that makes up the jewel that is you.

Value Yourself

Once you know and understand who you are, then you can appreciate the value you have. That will give you the self-esteem you need to develop the self-confidence to achieve your dreams.

Fear is Just a Four-Letter Word

It takes courage to stand up for yourself,  to demand what is rightfully yours, and to work through the hurts and scars of the past; but you can do it and I hope that "Boots" and this website will help you build that courage so that you'll never let it go.