Diane Bogino the author of

Finding Your Bootstraps- 11 Steps to Overcoming Victim Thinking.

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Additional Information about Diane

Besides writing books, Diane coaches individuals at all levels in life,  how to overcome obstacles and improve their lives and careers.

Using a series of valid, reliable and scientifically based behavioral assessments, Diane is the catalyst providing the explanation to help you better understand and appreicate themselves in order to build more fulfilling personal and professional lives.

Diane has designed, developed and conducts training classes. For more information visit -- www.businesscoaching.com

Diane is the 2012 - 2013 President of National Speakers Association Georgia, ask to speak at your next event.

You can call 1.800.906.7834 or email Diane at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">info@performstrat.com for more information.

People have often asked me why I wrote "Boots."  "Was it to 'get back' at those who abused me?" "Was it to help me work through the past?" "Was it just for the money?" Money? What money? OK, OK, I DO sell the book, but it wasn't written for any of these reasons. It wasn't written for revenge. I have no clue where those silly people are today nor do I care. If I hadn't already "done the work" (as psychologists are fond of saying), I don't think I could have written the book. I wrote it because I have a passion for helping others who have been through similar circumstances. I don't want anyone to suffer the mental torture I put myself through - or at least I want to help you shorten its duration.

The Early Years

Born in Portsmouth, VA, lived in Norfolk, VA.  My birth family consisted of a father, mother and two brothers. To say it was dysfunctional would be an understatement.

After living in three different foster homes, I was sent to Atlanta, GA to live with my aunt and uncle. I went from middle class suburbia to a ramshackle house on an unpaved street and an out house.

Atlanta is still home (apologies to Norfolk). I live with my husband, Jerry Simmons. We married in 1999 and are very happy.


I have a grown daughter and son. Myr husband, Jerry Simmons, also has a son and daughter. They both were already adults with their own lives when we met.My daughter earned a double masters in nursing from Emory and is currently working on her PHD, my son is following in his father's footsteps in the restaurant business.

Between us we have five grandchildren, his, mine, but not ours.

We currently have Mr. Smith, the prettiest white cat ever that we rescued during a rare snow storm a couple of years ago. In addition we have birds, squirrels, rabbits and an occasional raccoon that live in and around our yard. At one time we had fish in a small pond until a wayward Blue Heron discovered the pond and a free meal.