Client Testimonials:

"I wish that all the high school teachers in the world could have your book so that they could inspire and guide the youth. What a better world it would be."
~~R. Hull, Retired Educator



I like the inspirational, motivational quotes sprinkled throughout the book. It's amazing that the author survived and now thrives to help others overcome victim mentality. She's done some good research for this workbook making it a resource to keep on hand.

 It should definitely be on the shelves of all women's shelters!"
~~Brenda Nixon, author of Parenting Power in the Early Years, expert and speaker



Your flexibility with my hectic schedule and your pleasing personality has been great for me. Keeping me focused and on task with the various commitments with honest candor and feedback. Challenging me when it appears I have not completely thought something through. I feel I grow from each coaching session. I see so much potential in my future and your incredible energy, professionalism and strong work ethic has given me much hope.

Consulting Company – Florida

I was surprised on how well the telephone sessions have worked. I was suspicious at first how someone across the country could help me not knowing the organization or me. However, the individual assessments created a lot of insights that were unbiased and helpful.

I’ve also recognized that you can’t change other people, but only yourself. I think I’ve always known that, but these sessions really make you look and examine yourself, no one else, just you, and how you can change your environment by changing yourself.

C. M., CFO
Bank - Montana

Coaching has helped me with time management and prioritizing tasks. Coaching helps me to expect more from others and also to think more about myself. [These sessions have helped] me realize that people make their own choices and have to live with them and that I cannot control those decisions. I’m learning to accept that.

L.G., Co-Owner & CEO
Insurance Company – Iowa

One of my major challenges is learning how to become a good supervisor.  I have the qualifications and the ability, but I’ve never “officially” done it before and for whatever reason didn’t think I ever wanted to.  Diane has consistently encouraged and instructed me on how to overcome this and it’s working.  I have come to accept that regardless of age, background, or even ability, most people need guidance.  Some more than others, but most do, and there’s an art to providing it.  This part of my coaching has proven the most affective I believe.

Secondly, I have very much enjoyed having a completely unrelated, neutral and objective resource in which to express my family dynamics (I first used problems, but perhaps dynamics is more politically appropriate).  Discussions in this area have been helpful and in a way comforting by confirming that I am not to blame for anything and that I am accurate in my perception of the situation.

A. M., Co-Owner & VP Lending
Bank - Iowa